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The predictive and search system of amber (PSSA) and sustainable development of mining areas

Komliev, O. and Remezova, O. and Beydik, O. and Spytsyia, R. and Komlieva, M. (2023) The predictive and search system of amber (PSSA) and sustainable development of mining areas. 4th International Conference on Sustainable Futures: Environmental, Technological, Social and Economic Matters (ICSF-2023) 22.05.2023 – 26.05.2023 Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, 1254. ISSN 1755-1315

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A new ("amber") branch of the economy is currently developing in Ukraine, which includes the search for, mining and processing of amber. Ukrainian amber is noted for its high quality and is one of the most competitive types of domestic coloured stones on world markets. A significant part of the territory of Ukraine is promising for the discovery of placer deposits of amber, but their industrial development is currently carried out only within the boundaries of "the Pripyat amber-bearing basin" (PAB), which covers the regions of Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, and Kyiv regions. The development of the "amber" industry of Ukraine caused problems of a production, organizational, socio-economic and environmental nature. They significantly influence the socio-economic development of amber mining areas. These are: 1) lack of a national program for the development of the "amber" industry; 2) its insufficient level compared to the real potential; 3) uncontrolled mining of amber; 4) negative impact on the ecology of the natural environment; 5) socio-economic consequences for the population of amber mining areas. "The predictive and search system for amber" (PSSA) allows solving these problems in a complex manner. The PSSA of Ukraine allows systematic research of "the amber-bearing formation" (AF) developed on its territory. PSSA uses scientific ideas about the origin of amber and the main natural factors of its formation, develops methods and a specific research algorithm. The main goal of PSSA is to identify "amber-bearing objects" (AO) in the geological body of the AF, which may contain high concentrations of amber, the so-called "traps".

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