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Mineral and raw material self-sufficiency of Ukraine: a geographical mensuration

Beidyk, Oleksandr O. and Komliev, Oleksandr O. (2023) Mineral and raw material self-sufficiency of Ukraine: a geographical mensuration. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology (32 (2)). pp. 217-223. ISSN ISSN 2617-2909 (print) SSN 2617-2119 (online)

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For a more objective assessment of Ukraine’s resource self-sufficiency, monitoring of its natural resource environment, in particular, subsoil, is used, which is in importmant factor in insuring economic stability and security of the state. A component of this scientific and practical issue is the expansion and deepening of the systemic manifestations of the placement of geochemical resources on the territory of Ukraine with the help of economic-geographical zoning schemes and the table of chemical elements, which are considered as fundamental methodological levers. The authors of the article analyzed the most significant generalizing works of Ukrainian and foreign specialists devoted to mineral resources of Ukraine. The purpose of the study is to adapt the Periodic table of chemical elements by D. I. Mendeleev for the systematization of ideas and cartographic modeling regarding the distribution of mineral deposits in the section of economic and geographical areas of Ukraine. The positioning and realization of the purpose serves as the evidence base of mineral-raw material self-sufficiency of Ukraine, it is evidence of the mineral-raw material and economic-geographic strengthening of the role of D. I. Mendeleev’s table. The objective idea of mineral and self-sufficiency of Ukraine, its inclusion in the top groups of the states most provided with the most valuable types of minerals is strengthened and the high level of availability of mineral resources in Ukraine in terms of its economic and geographical areas and regions is confirmed. At the same time, a number of mineral deposits in modern socio-economic conditions are preserved and not used. For the first time a cartographic interpretation of the periodic table of chemical elements (D.I. Mendeleev’s table) is given, which is reinforced by data on the distribution of mineral resources and minerals in terms of economic and geographical regions and areas of Ukraine. There are 33 chemical elements extracted from more than 100 mineral deposits. The information on geochemical raw materials available in Ukraine is systematized by three items (elements of rock-forming minerals → rock-forming minerals → main deposits), which update the cartograms and map diagrams placed on the diagram. The provisions and conclusions of the article testify to the mineral self-sufficiency of Ukraine and can act as a lever for developing strategies for socio-economic development of the regions of Ukraine. D.I. Mendeleev’s table and its mineral content are positioned as an objective factor in the specialization of Ukraine and the international geographical division of labor. It is noted that the main advantages of the Periodic table of chemical elements, including its structure, logic, objec- tivity, system in relation to the economic and geographical regions of Ukraine are considered as an element of monitoring the mineral component of natural resources of the country, the lever of further development of exploratory geology and geomorphology. The highlighted issues revealed a high density of interdisciplinary connections of the subject-object plane of research (geography, geology, cartography, chemistry, geochemistry, economics, regional studies, zoning), and the presented material can be introduced into the latest programs of reformed education in Ukraine.

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