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The dependence of the technosols models functional properties from the primary stratigraphy designs

Жуков, О. В. and Маслікова, К. П. (2018) The dependence of the technosols models functional properties from the primary stratigraphy designs. Journal of Geology, Geography and Geoecology (27). pp. 399-407. ISSN ISSN 2617-2909 (print) SSN 2617-2119 (online)

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In the present article the assumption that the design of the soil-like artificial body in zero-moment of existence determines the dynamics and trajectory of soil-forming process was tasted. It was shown that an important aspect of the experiment is the search criteria that you can perform evaluation of the functional properties of the generated structures depending on their organization. The study of the water infiltration dynamics from the soil surface is highly informative non-destructive testing for evaluating the properties of the soil body. Studies showed that technosols as artificial creation have fundamental differences between the natural soils for which the classic Philip equitation was proposed. Technosoils are porous, but heterogeneous formations. The process of filtering in technosols is not laminar, periods of smooth water infiltration is outbreak by disastrous water absorption. To simulate this process it was showed that the better results may be obtained due to originally modified Philip equitation. Specific constant C describes the dynamics of the infiltration process the early stages of the experiment and is a specific indicator for technosols. In natural soils this constant is zero. The sorptivity of the pedozems was reveled to be depended from the underlying layer. Organic components contribute to the formation of aggregate most of which is water resistant. Such formations smooth density variation of clay soil resulting from swelling and shrinkage processes that can maintain stable structure of the pore space. As a result, the soil after phytomeliorative rotation gets such features as reduced infiltration rate, but increased level of filtration. The artificial mixture of clay has significant waterproof properties, which ultimately can lead to complete discontinuance of water absorption by technosols. Waterproof properties of soil may increase the risk of water erosion of technosols. For technosoils structural change of the pore space state are inherent in contact with water because hydrolabile units of their structure. Accordingly, during the infiltration process there are significant changes in the course of the rate of filtration of water. Ключові слова: конфлікт, екологічний стан, ризик, постконфліктний період, туризм.

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