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Development of a method for assessing the reliability of fire detection in premises

Sadkovy, Volodymyr and Pospelov, Boris and Rybka, Evgenіy and Kreminsky, Borys and Yashchenko, Oleksandr and Bezuhla, Yuliia and Darmofa, Eleonora and Kochanov, Eduard and Hryshko, Svitlana and Kozynska, Iryna (2022) Development of a method for assessing the reliability of fire detection in premises. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 3/10 (117). pp. 56-62. ISSN 1729-3774

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The object of this study is the detec-tion of fires in the premises. The prob-lem that was solved is the development of tools to assess the reliability of detec-tion of fires in the premises based on the recurrence of the vector of increas-es in dangerous parameters of the gas environment. The method includes the sequential implementation of five pro-cedures related to the formation of the vector of current increases in dangerous parameters, determining the recurrence of the current vector and evaluating the empirical distribution function relative to the calculated current recurrence of the state vector. Features and distinctive attributes of the developed method are the use of empirical cumulative distribution function in relation to the current recur-rence of the state of hazardous parame-ters of the gas environment in the prem-ises during fires. This makes it possible to solve the task of developing tools for the numerical determining of the trust limit for the predefined level of significance (reliability) and the likelihood of detect-ing fires in the premises in real time. The scope and conditions for the practical use of the obtained results are the modern and promising means and fire protection sys-tems of various types of premises in build-ings and structures. The proposed method was tested on the example of igniting test materials in the laboratory chamber. It is established that for materials with a high combustion rate (alcohol and cellulose) with a probability of 0.95, there is a sharp decrease in the value of the empirical function assessment to zero values. For timber, the value of this estimate is 0.15, and for textiles, the minimum value of the estimate is 0.31. It is established that the boundaries of the confidence interval with the level of significance covering the obtained estimates are determined by the value of ±0.086. In general, the results of the test indicate the operability of the pro-posed method for determining the reliabil-ity of detection of fires in the premises on the basis of the current degree of recur-rence of increases in dangerous parame-ters of the gas environment

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